Dear Edward on Apple TV+ (starring Colin O’Brien and Taylor Schilling)

  • Photo Courtesy of APPLE TV+

Creator Jason Katims (As We See It) has adapted the best-selling novel by Ann Napolitano into a beautifully poignant series about loss. The story follows 12-year-old Edward Adler, the lone survivor of a devastating plane crash in which he loses his whole family. His incredible story soon goes viral with countless letters of support arriving at his doorstep, and Edward is thrust into the uncomfortable position of having all eyes on him when all he wants is to just disappear. He is left in the care of his aunt Lacey, who struggles to help Edward navigate their shared grief. So she joins a support group where she meets other people who are suffering through similarly unimaginable tragedies. The bonds that Lacey forms with each of them teach her not just how to survive but how to inspire Edward to truly live life. The titular role is played by a captivating young actor Colin O’Brien (Mr. Harrington’s Phone), who masterfully portrays the untethered emptiness that unexpectedly comes from losing a loved one.

With heart-wrenching performances by fellow cast mates Taylor Schilling (Pam & Tommy), Robin Tunney (The Fix), Carter Hudson (Snowfall), Amy Forsyth (The Gilded Age), Maxwell Jenkins (Lost In Space), Eva Ariel Binder (Stillwater), Khloe Bruno (Bunny and the Wood), and Connie Britton (Luckiest Girl Alive), Dear Edward promises a good cry.

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