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Drive-In Concerts

Paramount Drive-In Theater

Drive-In Concerts

  • By Sasha Gary

Thanks to covid-19, drive-in movie theatres are making a comeback! The very first drive-in opened in Las Cruces, New Mexico (1915) followed by the first U.S. location in Comanche, Texas (1921). In May of 1933, chemical company magnate Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. received a U.S. patent on the drive-in theatre and opened one on June 6 of that year in Pennsauken, New Jersey. He advertised using the slogan, “The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are!” The concept caught on nationwide; among its advantages was the fact that older adults with children could take care of their infants as they watched a movie and young adults found drive-ins ideal for a first date. Perhaps the biggest draw — the price! Admission was much lower than mainstream indoor cinemas. By 1951 there were 4,151 drive-in movie theatres in the United States. Today, there are less than 300 operating worldwide.

With Southern California movie theatres and multiplexes closed due to coronavirus restrictions, drive-ins are the place to be! One of the only drive-ins located within L.A. County, the Paramount is open with some now familiar social distancing guidelines: you must stay in your car, be parked at least nine feet from other vehicles, and for trips to the snack bar and bathrooms, masks and social distancing will be enforced. New films, popular classics, and some concert films are being offered. And general admission is only $10!

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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

  • By Dennis Petrone

Within a 2-week period, pop and R&B fan-favorite Ariana Grande released two new duets earning her first collaborative Hot 100 chart-toppers and adding to her already highly-successful discography of star-studded collaborations. While her solo songs are incontestably both mainstays and marvels, her artistic partnerships prove she’s an absolute powerhouse.

First “Stuck With U” with Justin Bieber hit the airwaves as part of a collection for a fundraiser for the First Responders Children’s Foundation. Initially an at-home, video-synced, made-for-TV, coronavirus charity event, it quickly took on legs of its own, marching to the top of the Billboard to become Grande’s third US number-one single! (“Thank U, Next” was her first and “7 Rings” her second.)

Just when you thought her rocketship had reached the stratosphere, Grande then released what’s quickly becoming the dance song of the summer, “Rain on Me,” with none other than the pop-queen warrier from the fantastical planet Chromatica herself, Lady Gaga! “Rain on Me” instantly became Grande’s fourth US number-one single and went on to top the charts in ten other countries lending weight to the duo’s reign on us!

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Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware

  • By Michael Jacobo

I don’t want to startle any of you, but the 1980s have happened so long ago that musical artists today have been going back to their “retro” sounds and incorporating them into their music. It’s been happening for quite some time; Paramore famously did it for their latest effort After Laughter. This year alone, Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga have gone back to ‘80s disco sounds for their albums, Future Nostalgia and Chromatica, respectively.

Now, British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware has graced us with her sublimely fantastic fourth album, What’s Your Pleasure? incorporating a ton of ‘80s pop, R&B, and some disco. The album’s first single “Adore You,” is a soul-infused track, reminiscent of a Whitney Houston ballad, but sung with softer, intimate vocals. “Mirage (Don’t Stop)” incorporates some funk into it, making you want to stand and move a bit. The funky bass echoes the sounds of Chaka Khan and her band Rufus. “Spotlight,” the album’s opener, starts off as a ballad, but it surprises you with that bass line. Funky, catchy, and Ware’s soft vocals are such a treasure, reminding listeners of Janet Jackson’s vocals on Control. Finally, “Ooh La La,” my favorite track on the record, is — you guessed it — funky, but with a twist. It has art rock pop influences, echoing the sound of The Tom Club Club and Talking Heads. Do yourself a favor and buy and listen to this record.

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We all remember girl power in music, right? You had Aretha Franklin with “Respect,” Madonna and Cyndi Lauper dominated charted in the ‘80s, and in the ‘90s you had Spice Girls, the definition of girl power in pop music. Female artists, for the most part, own pop music. From bubblegum (Britney Spears), to electro (Lady Gaga), to country (Taylor Swift). But what about rock music?

Rock and roll has been a “man’s game.” Even though you had Nicks, Heart, Joan Jett, it was hard to get girl power into rock. Until now. HAIM is your new favorite band. Even though they’ve just released their third album, Women in Music Pt. III, they’ve been in the game for years. Comprised of three sisters — Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim — the girls started out playing bowling alleys in the San Fernando Valley, before signing to a label and releasing their studio debut. Now with WIMPIII, the girls have solidified their place in alternative rock. Their ‘70s soft rock influences have been often traded for a harder pop sound. With singles like “The Steps,” a rock tune that makes you want to buy a drum set, “3 AM,” an equally eclectic tune, the album may not be in your face, but do not heed its feminist message.

The album’s release was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but now you can stream it or purchase it on vinyl, cassette, or CD.

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