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  • By Nina Sventitsky

It’s Spring, and while the rest of the country is battling those last weeks of Winter, we’re out and about. Now we can also be part of a new audible public art installation in Griffith Park. Ellen Reid Soundwalk is a free experience: get yourself to the park, download the free app and move. Reid is a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and artist, using sound as well as music in her works. Soundwalk depends on your phone’s GPS and your movements to create a personal sound experience. The blending of art, nature and technology is brilliant because your experience is unique to you and to your pace. Through your headphones or earbuds, your path triggers ‘musical cells’ of sounds and a score recorded by various artists, including the world-famous Kronos Quartet.

So far, Soundwalk is available in LA and New York, with other locations opening up through 2021 – mainly in public parks and music festival venues and associate with the local orchestras like the NY Philharmonic in Central Park, and Wolf Trap in Virginia. Each city’s Soundwalk is composed differently, with new scores and sounds. The LA installation location of Griffith Park was selected by Reid and CAP UCLA for its iconic status as a hub of nature for the city and runs through 2023.

The free app is available for iOS and Android. Click here.



  • By J. Cook

Come one, come all. The LA Philharmonic (a troop of musicians once known to gather in groups larger than 10) is gathering to present music once played to crowds of 2,265 fine folks INDOORS, and over 18,000 people gathered together inside a single OUTDOOR BOWL. The second season of Sound/Stage begins Friday, March 5th. Gustavo Dudamel, illustrious leader of said band of music makers, hosts. He will be joined by his son, whose mind will be blown as he listens to Yuja Wang play music that no doubt inspired John William’s Harry Potter—Camille Saint-Saëns’ The Carnival of the Animals. Also promised: India Ghost Animation. In episode two, Jose Andrés, decorated chef, now famous for building central kitchens in the wake of natural disasters, will join Dudamel Sr. on the stage. It is uncertain if Andrés will cook while Dudamel plays at the same time. I certainly wouldn’t mind making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to a live rendition of the Ode to Joy. And if they’re already there… If you think I’m lying, I’ll guess you’ll have to watch to find out.

More responsible rebel rousers at The Ford, who used to limit their outside gatherings to 1200, will be bragging that they were ahead of the curve, putting on Invertigo Dance Theatre shows, where they only need nine dancers and two musicians to pull it off.

For more details, click here.


GMCLA Member Lucio Maramba rehearsing with Chorus and Conductor Ernest H. Harrison


  • By Patty Onagan

After celebrating Laura Dern at the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards, Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles was called the “Best Awards Segment” by Vox and a thankful Ms. Dern rejoiced, “I need a Choir to go everywhere with me!” If you’re a fan or have wanted to see a GMCLA concert, then you don’t want to miss this FREE and all-new video performance of The California Sound streaming on March 20 at 8:00 pm. GMCLA’s 100+ members and Chorus/Music Director and Conductor, Ernest H. Harrison celebrate the legendary harmonies that put California on the map and on the charts. The concert features songs by some of California’s most inspired contemporary pop and classical artists from The Mamas and The Papas and The Beach Boys to Aloe Blacc and Billie Eilish. Spectrum TV News 1 anchor Melvin Robert will host the evening.

Like most performing arts organizations, GMCLA has been impacted by the pandemic. GMCLA Executive Director and Producer Lou Spisto said, “We made it a policy not to charge for these videos and streaming events to reach the widest possible community of people; especially those who cannot afford the price of the ticket during this difficult time. A suggested $20 minimum donation helps GMCLA cover the production costs—the video and audio producing — which is a new part of our world now.”

Register to see The California Sound here.

Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright

  • By Sean James

Let’s start with the fact that Rufus Wainwright will come out of this pandemic with more fans than ever! During 2020 he released “Unfollow the Rules” and was nominated for a Grammy. If you are unfamiliar to his music he is now doing an amazing retrospective. You can follow him on social media for live performances, as he welcomes you into his eclectic living room, and takes you on a journey that will transcend you to other lands.

March 4th: “Unfollow the Rules” from “Trouble in Paradise” to “Peaceful Afternoon” The record “Unfollow the Rules” is a condensed retrospective of the entire catalogue in itself. March 12th: “Unfollow the Rules” from “Only the People that Love” to “Alone Time.” Every great painter makes studies for their paintings and this is one of these studies that hopefully contains everything that the mature songs have. You hear song writing and producing in the making. March 19th: “Rarities” from “Money Song” to “In With the Ladies.” March 29th: “Rarities” from “Cowboy Song” to “Dreams and Daydreams.”

These really are treasures from the early days of his artistic songwriting. Kick back and enjoy!

For all things Rufus, click here.

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