Jacklyn Lee Zeman March 6, 1953–May 9, 2023



All of us here at LAArtsOnline are mourning the loss of a dear friend — the talented, fun, loving, and all-around delightful Jacklyn (Jackie) Zeman, the Emmy-nominated actress who for nearly a half-century played the role of Nurse Bobbie Spencer on the long-running soap opera General Hospital (nearly 900 episodes!). She died of cancer at only 70 years old … way, way too young. Making her first appearance on GH in 1977, Jackie was among the longest-lasting cast members of any soap opera. She was nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards for her work on GH and had received a fifth nomination in 2021 for a streaming soap opera, The Bay. Frank Valentini, GH executive producer, said, “Just like her character, Jackie was a bright light and true professional that brought so much positive energy with her to work every day.”

She was a great lover of the arts, particularly theatre. Prior to her success on television, she had appeared off-Broadway in productions of Neil Simon’s Come Blow Your Horn and Barefoot in the Park as well as the musical The Boyfriend. She also appeared in several feature films, but it was her enthusiasm and joy as a patron of the arts I will remember most. I often ran into her at the theatre, and she was always (always!) smiling. I daresay we need a lot more energy like hers in the world. Jackie touched many lives. She will be missed.

Jacklyn Lee Zeman March 6, 1953 – May 9, 2023

Macbeth June 10-September 23, 2023 at Theatricum Botanicum (Directed by Ellen Geer)



Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum’s mission (as stated on its website) is to elevate, educate, and entertain audiences of all ages by presenting thought-provoking classics, socially relevant plays, and education programs in a beautiful, natural outdoor sanctuary for the arts. By passing on a sense of history to young people and adults alike, great works of art inform their present and inspire their future. The theatre (and calling it that sells it way short!) offers a diversity of programming from Shakespeare to poetry to folk music to the development of future playwrights — all to help understand the world we live in and to embrace our shared humanity.

Beginning June 10 (and running through September 23), Theatricum will be presenting William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, directed by Ellen Geer. For those unfamiliar, this play tells the tale of Shakespeare’s most infamously lethal couple. They feed each other’s ambitious passions with the gall to scale higher above and beyond everything and everyone around them. It takes five acts to get there, but I bet you can guess how the story ends. This is a classic tale of greed, ego, morality, and the dangers of lust for power. Special events during the run will include Pay What You Will ticket pricing on July 21 and a prologue discussion with the cast before the show on August 26. I’m packing a picnic and heading for Topanga. Why say you?For more, click here.

Hollywood Fringe Festival June 8-25, 2023

Hollywood Fringe

  • By Samantha Colwell

Every June, all of the theaters in Hollywood put on the Hollywood Fringe Festival, known around town as the ubiquitous “Fringe”. This festival centers mostly on new works, but anyone can participate as long as they have a show and a venue. Fringe prides itself on disrupting organization, but it isn’t without its own structure. There is a list of recognized theaters, buttons you can buy signifying your membership, and even awards.

If you put “Fringe” into your maps hoping to find one theater, you’re out of luck. Many venues are located along Santa Monica Boulevard, but there are locations throughout Los Angeles that take part. Fringe Central, where you can find the concierge and Bryan’s Bar, as well as Fringe guides and staff if you’re lost or looking for recommendations, is open Fridays through Sundays June 10-25 at 905 Cole Avenue.

We hear some shows to watch include Vampire Nightclub 1983, a solo tale of eternal love, blood, guts, and gothic nightclubs; BOOM Headshot – A Geek Tragedy, an ode to gaming, online friendships, and acceptance told through song and 8-bit Nintendo-rock; The Consequences of Victoria Grey, a dystopian adventure centering around one girl who just might be the savior everyone has been searching for; and The Search For Chocolate, a one-woman show about a Jewish woman’s hilarious adventure through her relationships with chocolate, friendship, love, lust, spirituality, and forgiveness.

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Lenny’s Casita Taco Trio

Lenny’s Casita

  • By Jeni Pearsons

Short Rib Taquitos, Smoked Brisket Chalupas, Fried Chicken Tacos: Lenny’s Casita is Mexicali street food shining bright with sidewalk dining on Pico and Robertson, or take out – with fantastic DIY taco kits that feed 2-3. This place is in the running to become my favorite place.  Gather all your friends together, at Lenny’s everyone can enjoy the same spot  for dinner (or lunch) because Lenny’s Casita has fantastic options for vegan, gluten free and carnivorous food lovers.  And it’s Kosher!  For a first timer I recommend starting with the Chalupas, this delightful dish has a crispy shell filled with impeccably seasoned meats, a slightly spicy aioli and chunky pico de gallo which cools the pallet but has a little kick- they are sublime. And the Corn Ribs (oh the Corn ribs!). These are something special: sweet corn cut from the cob but retaining the rib-like structure, seasoned and lightly pan fried with cool pickled onion adorning the top- this dish is among the most unique I’ve ever had.  Lenny’s Cauliflower from the Tapas menu with tahini and chimichurri is another spectacular vegan dish. The Wagyu Beef Brisket tacos will blow you away. And someone has to order the Kosher Crunchwrap which is like a burrito with protein, Spanish rice and beans that’s grilled on both sides for a fabulous crunch. There’s a special window around the back for those that want to order to-go quickly, or table service inside. I highly recommend making Lenny’s Casita part of your dining rotation!

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