Meet the giraffes at the San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

  • By Kenne Hoffman
  • Photo Courtesy of San Diego Zoo

It has become a tradition for me to visit the San Diego Zoo or San Diego Safari Parkevery summer. Making up for the “lost years,” I recently made a point to spend time at both. I had no idea how many Special Experiences were available! If you haven’t indulged in one of the many add-ons, do yourself a favor and plan a trip soon.

We’ve all seen trained animal shows, and some are better than others. We took the opportunity to see Animals in Action and loved every second of it. Bring a camera for shots of yourself interacting with and sometimes even feeding the animals. The Wildlife Alliance is helping save many of these species around the world. Some can only be viewed here. We got to get see the endangered and elusive clouded leopard (named for the unique cloudlike shaped spots). This big, beautiful cat will win your heart, but no cuddling allowed! The interactions in this show may vary but ours included the opportunity to pet a zebra, feed the flamingos (one of my favorites), and feed the giraffes. You won’t be able to resist their sweet faces and huge dark eyes. It’s so amazing and informative. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see and interact with all these beautiful creatures, great and small!

Special Experiences requires booking in advance, so check the website for details and get ready for a day you’ll never forget!

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