Musso & Frank Grill in Hollywood (Photo Paige Petrone)


  • Story / Photo By PAIGE PETRONE

Open since 1919 (over 100 years!), Musso & Frank Grill in Hollywood is still quite the scene. The main dining room certainly has a kind of flair, as it’s situated around a swanky and historic bar. If you can imagine Hollywood celebs or socialites hanging out at the bar, you are correct! In the early days, Charlie Chaplin was a big fan and was often seen dining there. Greta Garbo and Gary Cooper were regulars for breakfast, and you might just catch Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall having drinks at the bar on any given night. Loads of history here, but it’s not just about the scenery — it’s also that Musso & Frank’s offers up some of the finest fare in all of Los Angeles. Fine steaks, chops, and seafood with fabulous sides galore — all top notch, handled expertly by old school style waiters wearing red serving jackets. Really fun. 

It is perfect for pre-show dining. Recently, before attending a show at the Dolby Theatre, I realized it was only three blocks away! Then we discovered that we could valet park there for the entire night ($20), making it ideal. We enjoyed classic wedge salads, NY strip steaks, baked potatoes (with all the toppings!), and decadent chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Doesn’t get much better. Go!

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Gaslit now on Starz (Starring Sean Penn and Julia Roberts)


  • Photo Courtesy of STARZ

Gaslit, the new limited series on Starz, is based on the infamous Watergate scandal and the demise of Richard Nixon’s presidency. Sean Penn (unrecognizable at first) and Julia Roberts portray John and Martha Mitchell. He was Nixon’s Attorney General and privy to what was happening — and apparently, so was Martha. She had lots of strong opinions against the President and went out of her way to make sure everyone heard them, despite her husband wanting her to keep quiet. She even got herself banned from Air Force One and was purposely and noticeably seated in the corner at important state and political dinners.  

Roberts looks fabulous in her vintage gowns and late 60s style. In fact, the entire series is very stylish. However, they all drink and smoke way too much but I guess that’s the way it was back then. Also starring is Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, Beauty and the Beast) playing John Dean, an ambitious attorney and White House counsel, and the talented Betty Gilpin (GLOW, Nurse Jackie), as his love interest. Gilpin really shines in her role. Based on the podcast Slow Burn by Leon Neyfakh, Gaslit was created, written, and produced by Robbie Pickering and directed by Matt Ross. 

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A Forest for the Trees opens May 13



This month brings another immersive show to Angelenos but this one is very different as it takes us on incredible experience as we interact with the natural world around us. A Forest for the Trees, created by visionary artist Glenn Kaino, takes visitors into a gigantic surreal forest filled with magic, stories, music and wonder.  And yes it’s more than immersive, it’s interactive – there is an illusion of fire where you can control the flames with your hands (symbolically representing California’s controlled burns)!  You’ll discover animatronic performing trees and multi-sensory storytelling, all hidden within the 28,000 square foot Ace Mission Studios in downtown LA.

A Forest for the Trees was inspired by The Atlantic’s 2021 powerful editorial series “Who Owns America’s Wilderness?” with its cover story “Return the National Parks to the Tribes.” The 165-year old magazine has a strong environmental tradition – Ralph Waldo Emerson co-founded it and John Muir made his case for the national park in its pages.

Kaino worked closely with a collective of artists, musicians, tribal leads and environmentalist to bring the project to life.  In addition to being entertaining and informative, A Forest for the Trees is helping to advance solutions to protect our planet, encourage forest restoration and solve the ecological issues we face now and face in the future using new thinking and new models. This show is truly exciting and transformative.

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Annenberg Beach House is ready for spring and summer fun!


  • By J. COOK

Almost 100 years ago, Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst speculated that a half mile north of the California Incline intersection with PCH might be a good real estate investment. They swooped up five acres, built a place Colleen Moore called the “the biggest house on the beach between San Diego and Vancouver,” and entertained Hollywood’s elite for a couple of decades. After running it into the ground, it was sold off and changed hands a few times before the 1994 Northridge earthquake shook what was left to the ground. But because of a generous donation from Wallis Annenberg, it was rebuilt and reopened to the public in 2009.

Besides Marion Davies’ original guest house, of which tours are available daily, and the marble and tile pool, which is still in operation and open to the public, the rest of the site is new, and bustling with classes and events. Seriously … both adult and youth volleyball (with world and Olympic champions for coaching), yoga, bounce outdoor children’s gym, floating fitness, cardboard boat pool regatta racing, drag queen story time, beach walks, architectural walks, and more. This is, of course, in addition to the Back on the Beach Cafe.

The Annenberg Beach House represents a unique partnership between the Annenberg Foundation, California State Parks, and the City of Santa Monica. Stop by this summer to check it out!

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