Love & Death now streaming on HBO’s MAX (Starring Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery)


  • Photo Courtesy of MAX

Love & Death is a MAX limited series about the horrific murder of Betty Gore (Lily Rabe, The Undoing, American Horror Story) by friend and neighbor Candy Montgomery (Elizabeth Olsen, WandaVision, Avengers Age of Ultron). Candy struck Betty 41 times with a wooden axe! The series picks up showing Candy as a devoted mother, wife, and living actively in her church-going community. Then, on the church volleyball court, she sees Betty’s husband, Allan (Jesse Plemons, The Power of the Dog, Fargo), in a whole new light. She becomes obsessed and begins to lust after him. So, she decides to go for it! She was very organized and had Allan debate her over having the affair. They established a set of rules and if broken they would stop meeting (in a seedy hotel for sex!). They were not supposed to fall for one another, and they were not supposed to hurt their spouses. Of course, everyone finds out! Betty confronts Candy when she stops by to pick up her daughter’s swimsuit … as their daughters were best friends. Betty attacks Candy with an axe and then Candy snaps and so on. It’s quite a story and with each episode the increase in tension increases greatly!

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Arnold documentary premieres June 7, 2023 on Netflix


  • By Samantha Colwell
  • Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Arnold is a 3-part documentary series giving a definitive look at Schwarzenegger’s life and career. Each episode focuses on a different era of the iconic public figure; first bodybuilding, then acting, then politics is examined under the lens of historian-level analysis. Professional colleagues, political contemporaries, and close friends all provide their insight and opinions on everything from his rise to fame to his daily life and eccentricities. Recognizable names include Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny DeVito, and Linda Hamilton, all with new stories to tell.

But this is no puff piece on the Governor. The show is incredibly honest and pulls no punches, exploring several of the controversial elements of his past, no holds barred. His affair with ex-housekeeper Mildred Baena is examined in detail, as is the couple’s illegitimate son (and its effect on his divorce from then-wife Maria Shriver).

If you know nothing about Arnold Schwarzenegger, buckle up and prepare to learn; even if you’re his biggest fan, though, you still might get something new. The story delves deep into every aspect of his life, presenting a well-researched, fascinating and intimate picture of an icon.

It’s no surprise, then, that the process of finishing the docuseries was so drawn out. Production stretched to almost 24 months when it was originally scheduled to wrap in 15. Whatever the case, we’re glad it’s here now, and we can’t wait to watch.

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Queen Charlotte a Bridgerton story now streaming on Netflix (Starring Corey Mylchreest as George III and India Ria Amarteifio as young Queen Charlotte)

Queen Charlotte

  • By Samantha Colwell
  • Photo Courtesy of Netflix

What were you doing on December 25, 2020?

If you’re anything like my family, you were binging the hit series Bridgerton, only to realize three minutes into the first episode that maybe this wasn’t quite the historical series for you to all watch together. The sexy, steamy series is renowned for bringing us forbidden Regency-era love through a modern lens. Ever since its first season release, Bridgerton has become an iconic cultural phenomenon, so it’s only natural that with a new spinoff comes plenty of new hype.

Bridgerton’s new limited series Queen Charlotte centers around the iconic Queen from the original series. Interweaving current-day plot with backstory, the show deftly depicts the struggles of being a royal, the challenges she faced to keep hold of her position, and the romantic trials of falling in love with someone who viewers know is slowly losing hold of his mental faculties.

One of the most impressive things about the series is the casting. India Ria Amarteifio looks so much like a young Golda Rosheuvel I had to do a double take when I first saw the advertisements, wondering if somehow Netflix had better digital de-aging software than Disney had used for Mark Hamill’s appearance on The Mandalorian. Arsema Thomas bears no mean resemblance to Adjoa Andoh either, making the show seamlessly slip from past to present without a jarring shift for the viewer.

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DANCE (DTLA) the night away at The Music Center June 23-August 18, 2023 (Featuring Salsa Night June 30, 2023)


  • By Nina Sventitsky
  • Photo Courtesy of The Music Center

For 9 consecutive Friday nights this summer, you and your family can share a unique dance experience for free in downtown Los Angeles. Grab your Family/friends/kids and head down to Jerry Moss Plaza at The Music Center, in Grand Park, and in other venues. All dance events are free (including music) and dances are taught in many styles with easy-to-follow footwork. Coming up this summer is reggae, Hip hop, salsa, country line dancing, jazz, and Bollywood. As if that’s not enough, once a month on Sundays, join a celebration of DJ-led dance music. Downtown L.A.’s largest free Fourth of July celebration returns with a holiday spectacular packed with fun for the whole family. With delectable food, live music, dancing and to replace fireworks, an unforgettable light show, this legendary block party is not-to-be-missed. This year’s celebration also will feature immersive art installations and DJs spinning the thumping beats of Hip-Hop, Cumbia, Jazz, House, Funk and Latin Soul. Every Friday night June 23 to August 18th. 

“When we speak of our vision to deepen the cultural lives of all Angelenos, we turn to the work of TMC Arts. This team champions the diverse voices and communities of Los Angeles, fostering connection, creativity and enrichment. TMC Arts programs connect people, offering us the chance to get creative and to learn as we discover something new or enjoy something familiar. Many programs are free and low-cost.”

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