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If you weren’t keeping up with your LA basketball in 2014, you might’ve missed the Clippers scandal that rocked the sports world. The new FX series Clipped wants to change that.

Clipped covers Donald Sterling’s fall from grace as the then-owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Sterling found himself in an Internet scandal when his mistress caught him on tape making racist remarks about her social circle, which escalated into a very public exposé on TMZ. In the miniseries, this drama plays out against the backdrop of the less-than-successful team that Sterling brings in famed coach Doc Rivers to rehabilitate. Rivers is focused on bringing a never-victorious team to the championships, a quest he’s focused on no matter what scandal is thrown his way.

The real-life story is brought to the silver screen by a host of accredited actors. Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix, Apocalypse Now, John Wick) brings to life Doc Rivers’ quest to edge Sterling out of power and lead the Clippers to success. Ed O’Neill (Modern Family, Married…With Children) portrays Donald Sterling throughout his torrid affair and struggling public image. Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook, Yellowstone) plays Sterling’s long-suffering faithful wife Shelly against Cleopatra Coleman’s (Dopesick, Rebel Moon) conniving mistress V.

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Lady in the Lake premieres July 19 on Apple TV+ (Moses Ingram and Natalie Portman / Photo Apple TV+)



In 1960s Baltimore, an investigative journalist working on an unsolved murder, clashes with a woman working to advance the agenda of the city’s black community. Natalie Portman (Thor, Star Wars) stars as Maddie Schwartz, a Jewish housewife who ditches her doting husband and big Pikesville home to pursue a career as a newspaper reporter She becomes obsessed with unraveling the mystery of two separate killings.

The limited Apple TV+’ series Lady in The Lake, based on the novel of the same name, by Laura Lippman. The author took inspiration from two real-life murders that happened in her youth. The abduction and murder of 11-year-old Esther Lebowitz, a white Jewish girl whose death was heavily publicized. The second death was 33-year-old Shirley Parker, a black woman who was found dead in the fountain of the Druid Hill Park Reservoir. Parker’s death was only given attention in African-American newspaper the Baltimore Afro-American. The unsolved murders push the housewife and mother to reinvent her life as an investigative journalist which sets her on a collision course with Cleo Sherwood (Ambulances Moses Ingram), a hardworking woman juggling motherhood, many jobs and a passionate commitment to advancing Baltimore’s Black progressive agenda. “Lady In the Lake” also stars Y’lan Noel (A Lot of Nothing), Brett Gelman (Boy Kills World), Byron Bowers (Kimi), Noah Jupe (Dreamin’ Willd), Josiah Cross (King Richard), Mikey Madison (Scream) and Pruitt Taylor Vince (Birdbox).

Begins streaming on Apple TV+ on July 19, 2024.

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UnPrisoned season two drops July 17 on HULU (Kerry Washington and Jordyn McIntosh / Photo Hulu)



After a successful first season, Unprisoned returns for its long awaited second season. When we last met Paige Alexander, she was juggling her career as influencer and family therapist with raising her teenage son Finn and attempting to get more serious with her noncommittal boyfriend Bill. When Paige’s father Edwin is finally released from prison after seventeen years, Paige allows him to temporarily move into her home as he gets on his feet, but Edwin seizes this time as an opportunity to make things right with his daughter. He manages to secure a job as a cook, but once the restaurant learns that he’s an ex-felon, Edwin is fired on the spot, something his grandson Finn witnesses. Now Edwin must lie to Paige about having a job to stay in her good graces, and he employs Finn to keep his secret. But when Paige learns the truth, it upends all the progress Edwin has made repairing their relationship. So for this next season, our therapist decides to try therapy. With hilarious performances by Kerry Washington (The School For Good And Evil), Marque Richardson (Dear White People), Faly Rakotohavana (Rita), Jordyn McIntosh (Abbott Elementary), Jee Young Han (Players), Oliver Hudson (The Cleaning Lady), Tim Daly (Life & Beth), Brenda Strong (61st Street), and Delroy Lindo (The Good Fight), Unprisoned is a healing experience.

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Baby Reindeer on Netflix (Richard Gadd / Photo Netflix)



Creator and star Richard Gadd (Wedding Season) has adapted his quirky one-man show into a deliciously dark comedy television series. The show follows Donny, a bartender at a London pub who also doubles as an aspiring comedian. One day he encounters Martha, a criminal lawyer who claims she can’t afford to buy anything, so he offers her a free cup of tea. This act of kindness endears him to her, and Martha quickly becomes a regular patron. At every chance she gets, Martha grows more and more flirtatious, harassing Donny with endless and salacious emails. In an attempt to define their friendship more clearly, Donny takes Martha out for coffee, but when their chat about his failing career ends in a crazy outburst from Martha, Donny decides to call it quits. Until Martha shows up at one of Donny’s comedy routines where he is bombing miserably. So Martha starts laughing at every joke, her infectious joy turning the room in Donny’s favor, and somehow together they make his act better. What follows is a bizarre codependent albeit self-destructive relationship between stalker and stalkee. With a stellar cast that also features Jessica Gunning (Back), Nava Mau (Generation), Michael Wildman (Emmerdale Farm), Danny Kirrane (Boat Story), Nina Sosanya (Screw), Shalom Brune-Franklin (Great Expectations), and Thomas Coombes (Slow Horses), Baby Reindeer is oddly addictive.

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