Building Bridges Art Exchange

Herstory: Through the Feminine Lens (Curated by Marisa Cachiolo) on view at Building Bridges Art Exchange through February 12, 2022 (Photo Brandy Trigueros/Boudoir)

  • By Cynthia Lum

The third edition of the thought provoking exhibition featuring Los Angeles based female artists, HERSTORY: THROUGH THE FEMININE LENS at Building Bridges Art Exchange will be on view until February 12, 2022.This edition features thirteen outstanding artists exploring a range of topics, including some of today’s most pressing and urgent issues affecting women’s rights, and female led movements around the world that have triggered much-needed social and cultural changes across different countries and communities.

This exhibition empowers both the visual voices of the artists, as well as the visitors, providing real-life examples and all the more reason to believe that they too can follow their dreams, regardless of how they identify, their body types, decision to procreate, and other societal pressures. Topics concerning gender roles, identity, finding a sense of self and place within nature, performance, tableaus, and transformation are considered within their oeuvres. Some of the featured artists seek to employ a conceptual or experimental approach, including performance and video, while others have opted for a more traditional photographic approach.

For centuries, androcentrism dominated American history, written by and for able-bodied white men. Women were mostly excluded from history except as subservient subjects. The term “herstory” emerged in the 1970s with the second wave of feminism as a way to share and amplify her story, along with the lesser known stories of women that have helped shape new pathways advancing women’s liberation.

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