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CityWalk is Open

Universal’s City Walk

CityWalk is Open

  • By Nina Sventitsky

In many countries the after dinner ‘passaggio’ is a daily rite in warm weather months. It’s a wonderful tradition, getting out in the cooler hours before dark, walking with family and friends, hoping to see your crush as he/she passes by. The walk is where community comes together. Walking and Los Angeles don’t seem to go together; unless you’re hiking, a walk not related to working out is an odd thing. But Covid created new traditions and habits. With no gyms open, we all adjusted and figured out new ways to move around. Even in my Valley neighborhood, each evening I see couples, families and individuals walking their dogs, strolling the streets and waving to me as I water my front porch begonia boxes. It’s time to expand our universes, so it was good news that Universal City Walk is open now for dining and treats, Noon to 8 pm every night. Right now, there are few places where we can stroll around a town square with energy and life, shop for gifts, back to school and zoom calls, end the night with two Pink’s hot dogs and a Menchie’s yogurt. Venture out!

Directly from the website, here are the Covid control policies: Enjoy FREE self parking* now, and expanded outdoor seating at several restaurants, new outdoor dining areas in the heart of CityWalk and open environment shopping – all with our enhanced sanitization, temperature screening and physical distancing measures in place

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