Kevin can F**K Himself

  • By Alex Brown
  • Photo Courtesy of AMC

Even if it at first it isn’t immediately clear whether it is a comedy, a drama or a little bit of both, make no mistake that after episode one of AMC’s new series, Kevin Can Go F**k Himself, audiences are sure to be hooked! The show opens in a living room reminiscent of any number of sitcoms from All in the Family to Everybody Loves Raymond, but soon jumps genres and goes considerably “off-set.” When the lead character Allison (Annie Murphy, of Schitt’s Creek fame) reaches her limit with her insufferable husband, she devises a dark plan to change the trajectory of her life. 

Kevin uses format as much as content to move viewers through the plotline and character development. The switch between classic-sitcom staging and the feel of a night time drama is not only a novel experience for viewers, but also speaks to the way we all navigate reality: showing one face to the outside world, and another in private thoughts and conversations.

Also starring in what is sure to be a smash hit for the network is relative newcomer Eric Peterson as Kevin himself (nation tour of Shrek the Musical) and Mary Hollis Inboden (The Real O’Neals). One-part laugh track, one-part dark comedy, Kevin Can Go F**k Himself is like nothing you have seen before. So, tune in to AMC on Sundays at 9PM Eastern to find out what all the hype is about.  .

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