Eden premieres July 12th on Spectrum (Starring Sophie Wilde and Bebe Bettencourt)

  • Photo Courtesy of SPECTRUM

Creator Vanessa Gazy (Highway) whisks us away to the placid oceans of Australia for her latest drama Eden. But things are far from perfect there after a young woman disappears from this seeming paradise. The woman in question is Hedwig, who has just returned to the small town of Eden to see her best friend Scout. They wind up at a party thrown by an A-list celebrity whom Scout is hoping to impress. But Hedwig is the one to catch the host’s eye as she mingles her way through the crowd. When Scout catches Hedwig dealing drugs and keeping other secrets, their bestie fun erupts into an embarrassing blowout and ends with them storming off into the dead of night. By morning, Hedwig is gone, and the police have come to investigate, starting with Scout. As the case develops from missing person to homicide, unearthing the truth will threaten to expose the damning secrets spanning multi-generations that this beach community has kept buried for too long. With compelling performances by an up-and-coming cast featuring Sophie Wilde (You Don’t Know Me), BeBe Bettencourt (The Dry), Keiynan Lonsdale (The Flash), Cody Fern (American Horror Story), Samuel Johnson (Molly), Christopher James Baker (Stargirl), Rachel Blake (Cleverman), Leeanna Walsman (2067), Simon Lyndon (Mystery Road), and Maggie Kirkpatrick (Sando), Eden delivers on the thrills.

Eden” premieres July 12th.