Director Christopher Nolan’s Tenet will release end of the month

  • By Debbie Emery

Christopher Nolan’s latest movie, Tenet, was steeped in mystery and uncertainty long before the coronavirus threw the entire entertainment industry into turmoil.

The highly anticipated Warner Bros. movie had been set as the studio’s summer tentpole with a July 17 premiere and after multiple delays, it will now debut in 70 countries around the world on Aug. 26. The U.S. will have to wait until Labor Day, Sept. 7, to see the join the party, however. Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, and Kenneth Branagh, Tenet follows an operative known simply as “the Protagonist” who’s tasked with preventing World War III. Little else is known about the futuristic thriller’s plot aside from that it deals with a time continuum and international espionage. Even the title — a palindrome that reads the same backwards as it does forwards — is meant to be mind-bending, but what else would you expect from the director who brought you MementoInceptionDunkirk, and, of course, the gloriously intense Dark Knight series?

Much of the time-twisting action was filmed in an abandoned city 80 miles from Palm Springs, with Nolan telling EW: “The set would certainly rank as one of the largest-scale outdoor builds of all time … It’s colossal.” “Time has come for a new kind of mission” according to the movie’s tagline, just in time to entertain us after three months of quarantine.

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