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Taste of a Nation

Taste of a Nation is now streaming on Hulu (with Padma Lakshmi)

Taste of a Nation

  • By Paige Petrone
  • Photo Courtesy of Hulu

If you enjoy Bravo’s Top Chef, you might really enjoy seeing Indian-born Padma Lakshmi host the new show Taste of a Nation now streaming on Hulu. She really loves food the way I do! She embraces and devours every delicious bite with her chic style and elegance. In Nation she gives us an intimate look at her personal life by showcasing her mom and daughter in the first couple of episodes. She exhibits raw emotion about her humble upbringing along with her passion and love of food.

In the first episode she travels to El Paso, Texas, to mingle with hard core Republican Americans and research the origin of the Burrito and authentic Mexican/Tex-Mex food in America. I found the episode to be intriguing, tender, and interesting. It also made me hungry for tacos! In the second episode she goes to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and learns how to make German beer, their famous sausages, and hot dogs.

In episode three, she goes home to Washington Heights, New York, and explores and shops Indian specialty stores with her mom and teaches us about Indian cuisine and how it has grown in America since she immigrated here as a young girl. She also visits with an old friend and really shows so much more of her personality here than on Top Chef. It’s refreshing. Check it out!

Taste of a Nation” is streaming on Hulu.

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