The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War premieres July 2nd on Amazon Prime (Starring Chris Pratt)

  • By Debbie Emery
  • Photo Courtesy of Amazon

A movie drought in 2020 means we have a plethora of fresh films in summer 2021. Among them is sci-fi action flick The Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt – which has a plot that’s more than a little reminiscent of Terminator. Visitors from 30 years in the future travel back in time to 2051 to deliver a message to the world warning them of an alien invasion. They need more manpower to bolster troops in an attempt to win the war, and former Delta Force Operator Dan Forester (Pratt) is among the volunteers sent to the future. Determined to save the world for his daughter and the rest of humanity, Forester must team up with a scientist and his father. 

“You are dealing with people who are making life decisions based not on the life that they could lead, but rather the world that they’re leaving for their children,” Pratt said during a recent virtual press conference, according to Variety. “It’s a different theme to think about someone being drafted away from their children rather than children being drafted away from their parents.”

Directed by Chris McKay and written by Zach Dean, the futuristic thriller also stars J.K. Simmons, Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge, Jasmine Mathews and Keith Powers.

The Tomorrow War” premieres on Amazon Prime July 2nd.