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Sex and Vanity

Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

Sex and Vanity

  • By Paige Petrone

Sex and Vanity, the latest book from Kevin Kwan, the author of the bestselling phenomenon Crazy Rich Asians, has hit every hot list and my audible books app! What a fun ‘listen,’ especially lounging around the pool. Being new to audible and listening to books I wasn’t sure what to expect but what a great way to spend time doing other things (driving or especially exercising!) while keeping entertained. If you’ve never tried it, I recommend it!

Sex and Vanity is just that! And I’m not kidding. Lots of sex and lots of vanity! It’s the tale of a young woman who finds herself torn between two men: the WASPY fiancé of her family’s dreams and the man she is desperately trying to avoid falling in love with. When Lucie first lays eyes on George in Capri, Italy, she instantly can’t stand him. But then … well … things change … and soon, Lucie is spinning a web of deceit that involves her family, her fiancé, the co-op board of her Fifth Avenue apartment building back in New York, and ultimately herself. Sex and Vanity is a truly modern love story and a brilliantly funny comedy of manners set between two cultures. Entertainment Weekly said, “Kevin Kwan’s new book is his most decadent yet.” Sex and Vanity is a fantastic escape and a great summer read and/or listen! And definitely decadent!

“Sex and Vanity” is available on Amazon.

28 Summers

28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand

28 Summers

  • By Debbie Emery

It’s safe to say that the summer of 2020 is one we all hope to forget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dive into summer fiction just like in simpler times.

28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand is the quintessential vacation book, perfect for when carefree travel was still a thing! The follow-up to New York Times bestseller Summer of ’69 sees Mallory Blessing’s son, Link, receive a message from his mother on her deathbed to call a number in her desk drawer. The phone call draws him into the world of a presidential candidate (Ursula DeGournsey) and her husband (Jack McCloud) running up the election and reveals a secret of his own mother’s past. The novel then flashes back to the summer of ’93, when Mallory meets Jack during a vacation on Nantucket and follows the deep relationship that they develop and nurture over — you’ve guessed it — 28 summers. If the plot sounds reminiscent of 1978 romantic comedy Same Time Next Year starring Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn then that’s deliberate. Mallory and Jack even watch the movie every time they meet up for a Cape Cod tryst.

28 Summers examines the conflicts between head and heart that we all face at some point in our lives, while also touching on political and current events dominating the news during their almost three-decade affair.

Order it on Amazon here.

The Answer Is…

Alex Trebek’s The Answer is… Reflections on My Life

The Answer Is…

  • By Nina Sventitsky

The man who seems to know everything is having a big week. The launch of this new memoir The Answer Is… happened during a week in which ABC is airing vintage episodes of Jeopardy! I am enjoying seeing these throwback shows and remembering when Trebek’s hair was still more pepper than salt – and loving both experiences. In the audio version, which I recommend, Trebek does a few minutes of intro and color commentary throughout, but the main segments are read by Ken Jennings, now acknowledged as holding the record for the longest-winning streak on Jeopardy!, and amongst the heirs apparent to the show. Trebek wants us to know that this is not an autobiography, but a series of remembrances. Revealing a lot about his childhood in Canada, Trebek talks about his father as an influence on his future habits of punctuality, service and responsibility. There is a chapter on his mustache. Turns out, he was the first game show host on TV since Groucho Marx to sport one. His occasional use of swear words shows us that this king of intellectual trivia is kinda like us.

Much of the viewing public knows that Alex Trebek is in the throes of a courageous fight against pancreatic cancer, and we are all rooting for him. Anyone who is a fan is going to love this terrific summer read.

Order it on Amazon here.

David Baldacci

Walk The Wire by David Baldacci

David Baldacci

  • By Elaine Petrone

Okay.  Let’s talk about David Baldacci and let’s face it, who hasn’t?  The 59-year-old Virginian has written over 40 novels and it appears he is just getting started. From Absolute Power to his latest, Walk the Wire, Mr. Baldacci never fails to keep us entertained. Walk the Wire is a continuation of his popular Memory Man series with Amos Decker as the main character. The series has seen Decker evolve from being a virtually homeless wreck of a man (resulting from the heartbreaking loss of his wife and young daughter) to become a successful FBI agent. The Memory Man never forgets. He had a debilitating football accident resulting in several brain irregularities that sometimes make his life difficult but also make him an invaluable agent. Along with his loyal partner and close friend Alex Jamison they solve some of the agency’s toughest cases. We would expect no less.

Walk the Wire also has another interesting feature. He is crossing over using a character from another of his popular series, Will Robie. This trend isn’t new  i.e. author Michael Connelly often does it with his Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer characters. However, all of Mr. Baldacci’s characters have a unique quality that makes you want to know them better. Together, Decker, Jamison, and Robie all contribute to making Walk the Wire an enjoyable summer read. Just what we need to get us through.

Order it on Amazon here.

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