Rio Reveals

  • By Cynthia Lum

The Los Angeles River is the original source life for the City of Los Angeles. It is where the indigenous Tongva and later, the Spanish built the City’s first settlements. After years of neglect, the river is being revitalized, creating a renewed interest in keeping the river’s rich history alive. Rio Records has created an at-home immersive production, uniting Los Angeles artists, culture, and community for a live journey along the past present and future of the LA River. Book you tickets and get ready for a unique 80 minute online adventure along the shore of  Los Angeles iconic river. Live performances, interactive surprises and a sense of humor, draw you into the invisible story-world that weaves through this layered metropolis.

Performances run Thursday – Sunday. Each night starts with the mythical story of geologist Dr. Alison Vincent in her quest to unlock the untold stories and voices behind the Los Angeles River .  The production is scored with more than 200 pieces of original music from composers Jonathan Sanford and Amanda Yamate, woven with hours of live and pre-recorded audio and video and extensive real-time live scenes. More than 60 artists have built five parallel stories for you to explore through an innovative hybrid platform, in an 80-minute storytelling adventure in which, just as you can’t step in the same river twice, no two experiences of the show are alike.

For tickets and schedule, click here.