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Queer Eye

Queer Eye season 5 is now streaming on Netflix

Queer Eye

  • By Nina Sventitsky
  • Photo Courtesy of Netflix

The QE team is back for what is their most satisfying season ever. Considering that the series was completed before COVID-19 and the new awareness of Black Lives Matter, producers were ahead of the game in selecting people of color for five out of ten episodes. My favorites were a Jersey Shore DJ and a young struggling dog groomer who realizes her entrepreneurial dream. We learn more about the team as well; Karamo’s grown sons show up, Bobby and Tan talk a lot about their husbands, and Antoni reveals that his relationship with his mom is nonexistent. It seems trite when Jonathan gives advice about this moisturizer and that styling cream – but the hidden message is: you have to do the work of loving yourself by yourself and it starts with washing your face. Or, by making the bed, to quote General McRaven.

The team can be snarky as they barge into the unsuspecting makeoveree’s home to grimace over soap slivers, moldy yogurt and worn out recliners. But the final results are overwhelmingly affirmative. Change or provide housing and you have completely upended years of depression, poverty and hopelessness. This is where QE shines – you can get through the silly antics of the team because the reveal is worth it. HIGHLY recommended for anyone who needs to see happy endings to discouraging stories. So, that’s all of us.

“Queer Eye” season 5 is streaming on Netflix.

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