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Virtual Tours

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

Virtual Tours

  • By Arlene Winnick

My mother used to say “When one door closes, another opens.” Nothing could be truer during this time of Safer at Home. And with the internet, you are now closer than ever to art, culture, nature, and the wonders all around us. Though there have been multiple individual postings with links to virtual tours and activities, I think the best starting point is The site continues a huge (like 30,000+) links from tours of the grandest museum worldwide to a tiny nature camera focus on a single species. You can delve deep into one artist (Monet for me) and even one particular painting. Basically, something for everyone of all ages.

For those of us who travel, it gives us a chance to relive our fondest memories.  There are also lots of interesting activities you can do at home (lots for kids) for those looking for more than tours. And it’s not just pure art and culture, you can visit oddball venues (a Museum of Innocence?), explore food markets around the world (learn how to make parmigiana or churros) and even go behind the scenes (my favorite is the Tank Room at the Natural History museum with 20 million ‘wet species’). Next up I’m going to relax and explore my travel wish list: Machu Picchu, Bilboa Space and the Great Pyramids. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Check out your favorite local museums’ websites to keep updated on their scheduling.

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Stay positive, stay safe.

Paige Petrone
Founder / Publisher


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